About Us

Our History

Gulf Shrimp Company was founded in 1992 as a shrimp company. It was our original goal to start a profitable company bringing up the succulent shrimp from the Gulf Coast of the United States, and selling it to local area restaurants and markets. After just a few short months, the customers that we were supplying requested that we start carrying other kinds of seafood. Although we did not know anything about seafood, we were eager to keep our customers happy. This is where our real journey began. Barely out of high school, armed with a fistful of cash and two igloo coolers, we drove up to Boston to find the illustrious "Fish Pier." We were sure that someone there could teach us the difference between swordfish and scrod..

About Chad & Camille Simoneaux

Those early naive days are a lifetime ago. We have gone through so many changes over the years. We are all a little older, a little wiser and much more knowledgeable about seafood. We definitely now know the difference between swordfish and scrod. But one thing that has not changed; our willingness and desire to provide our customers with what they want and need. To all of you who are current customers, we thank you for being part of our company. To those who are future customers, we look forward to having you accompany us on our journey ahead, and being able to provide you with the finest quality seafood in all the land.